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    Giving Back: Keich Basketball Legacy

    KEICH BASKETBALL LEGACY is a groundbreaking concept with a lasting impact. Launched in Summer 2023, the program is an incubator for student-athletes, creating a place where they can excel at the sport they love while simultaneously honing life skills they can leverage when their basketball career ends.


    At Keich Basketball Legacy, middle school, high school, and college students have access to programming that blends rigorous basketball training with cutting-edge sports science and opportunities for personal and professional development. Whether offering life coaching, tutoring, personal finance advice, or job training, the goal is to empower student-athletes to achieve greatness on and off the court.


    As a nonprofit, the organization partners with Lehigh Valley businesses and companies across the country to sponsor student-athletes through the program. Each partnership allows students to gain valuable mentorship from prominent business leaders, paving the way to future employment opportunities.


    “Business leaders know the potential of an athlete with a strong work ethic, and they want to create a funnel into their business and build real relationships with these kids,” said Katie Keich, founder of Keich Basketball Legacy. “If you would have asked me five years ago if I ever thought I could somehow bring business and basketball together I would have said no way.”


    Katie grew up playing basketball at an advanced level. However, after multiple serious injuries, she was forced to abandon her dream of playing the sport in college. After graduating high school, Katie leveraged the discipline and tenacity she gained on the court into an immensely successful corporate career. Years later, Katie’s passion for the game was reignited when she became a coach for her then-four-year-old daughter’s first basketball team.


    By building Keich Basketball Legacy, Katie and her husband Larry encourage student-athletes to rise to their potential, instilling a sense of purpose in their lives and casting a vision for a vibrant future beyond basketball.


    Learn more about how your business can partner with Keich Basketball Legacy at