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    Become a Champion of Lehigh Valley

    ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT LEHIGH VALLEY and eager to share with others? Take the Lehigh Valley Ambassador Pledge and join a community of individuals dedicated to showcasing the beauty and vibrancy of our region.


    The Lehigh Valley Ambassador Pledge is a simple yet powerful commitment to support local businesses, attend events, and explore attractions in Lehigh Valley. By consciously choosing to shop, dine, and participate in activities within our region, participants become experts in highlighting what makes Lehigh Valley special. This not only boosts tourism efforts but also fosters a strong sense of community pride.


    Taking the pledge is quick and easy. Simply complete the online pledge for free, a process that takes just minutes. Once you’ve taken the pledge, you’ll be officially recognized as a Lehigh Valley Ambassador and plugged into Discover Lehigh Valley’s network. As an Ambassador, you’ll receive Insider information on upcoming attractions, giveaways, and new developments, keeping you in the loop about all the exciting happenings in our region.


    But the journey doesn’t end there. Lehigh Valley Ambassadors are lifelong learners who continuously seek to expand their knowledge of the region. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Lehigh Valley Ambassador course, allowing you to deepen your understanding of the events, activities, and attractions that make our region unique.


    During the free online instructional session, Ambassadors engage in quizzes and interactive learning modules to build their knowledge base. From local landmarks to hidden gems, the course covers all aspects of what Lehigh Valley has to offer. Ambassadors are encouraged to visit sites of interest, attend events, and immerse themselves in our local culture.


    Becoming a Lehigh Valley Ambassador is more than just a title—it’s a commitment to promoting and celebrating the best of our region. Join us in sharing the magic of Lehigh Valley with visitors and locals alike. Take the pledge, expand your knowledge, and become a true ambassador for our community today.

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