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    Embark on an Unforgettable Ride

    IN LEHIGH VALLEY, cycling enthusiasts of all kinds will find a diverse range of experiences awaiting them. Whether you’re craving the thrill of road riding, the adrenaline-pumping action on the velodrome at Valley Preferred Cycling Center, or the rugged excitement of mountain biking along the D&L Trail, this region has it all. Grab your bike, don your helmet, and read on to learn more about cycling in Lehigh Valley.





    THEY’RE EVERYWHERE AROUND HERE—hand-hewn mountain bike trails running through the Lehigh Valley’s parks and preserves. On most days, you’ll find cyclists of every age and ability spinning down these forest paths, enjoying the rewards of a hard effort and buzzing from the natural beauty surrounding them.


    The quantity of thrilling trails located near city centers makes this one of the best areas for mountain biking on the East Coast. Many of the trails have been built in the past 15 years by the Valley Mountain Bikers, a group of mountain bike enthusiasts who volunteer more than 2,000 hours annually to maintain these trail systems.


    The sport’s popularity is soaring and on summer days, trailhead parking lots are jammed with cars. But on most days, you’ll experience Lehigh Valley’s most scenic areas with few distractions other than the blissful sounds of your bike rolling over pristine mountain trails.



    THE ARRAY OF BIKING OPPORTUNITIES in Lehigh Valley is complemented by a number of local outfitters and bike shops, like Cutters Bike Shop in Bethlehem, where riders can gear up for the ultimate two-wheeled experiences. Lehigh Valley truly caters to the road and mountain biking community, ensuring an unforgettable ride for every cycling enthusiast.


    Mountain Bike: Almost any bike will work on paved paths, but forest trails require something more specialized. A mountain bike’s strong brakes, bump-eating suspension, and wide, grippy tires let you cruise in control over dirt and the region’s nefarious rocks.


    Or try an E-Bike: These mountain bikes have a small motor that gives you a boost when you pedal, making hills a breeze and giving you the power to ride longer with less sweat. E-Bikes, however, are not the same as larger electric motorcycles, which are prohibited on most trails. Look for one with suspension in the front and rear of the bike.


    Good Helmet: Whether you’re rolling out on your first mountain bike ride or your four-hundredth, you need a legit, snug-fitting cycling helmet that won’t fall off if you wipe out. If yours is older than the PPL building, consider a new one, which will protect you better.


    Bike Jersey and Shorts: You can ride in anything, but shirts and shorts designed for mountain biking are made from lightweight, cooling fabrics. Some jerseys have extra ventilation and are longer than everyday shirts, to keep them from riding up your back as you grind up a climb. Many shorts come with a thin, built-in, butt-protecting pad.


    Hip Pack: This favorite of tourists everywhere also is a super convenient way to stash some essentials on a ride. Stuff it with bike tools, snacks, keys, and whatever other goodies you want to carry with you.



    Explore Lehigh Valley’s parks and trails that cater to bike riders of all skill levels.


    Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center, Nazareth

    The 18 miles of dirt, grass, and gravel paths spiraling around Bushkill Creek are great for casual riders looking for an easy spin.


    Jordan Creek Park, Allentown

    Practically hugging Route 22, the trails at Jordan Creek Park are ideal for beginners or experts. The narrow dirt singletrack dips and swirls around Jordan Creek, where you might steal a glimpse of a blue heron as you bomb along the trails.


    Lake Nockamixon State Park, Quakertown

    Every inch of these smooth mountain bike trails was handcrafted by Valley Mountain Bikers’ volunteers. Even more impressive: the stunning lake views.


    Salisbury Walking Purchase Park, Salisbury Township

    Tucked behind St. Luke’s hospital in Southside, Bethlehem, 11 miles of trails unfurl through nearly 500 acres of wild, remote-feeling open space. The steep, rocky hillside makes these hand-built trails popular with advanced riders, hikers, and trail runners.


    South Mountain Wildlands Preserve, Emmaus

    Emmaus may be the closest thing the Lehigh Valley has to a mountain town, and the trails rising from this hamlet are a playground for the adventurous. Huff your way to the top and you’ll pass house-size glacial boulders, take in views of the entire Valley, and be rewarded with thrilling descents back down.


    Trexler Nature Preserve, Schnecksville

    Riding the jumps, drops, and high-speed turns of the Valley’s newest trail system is every bit as thrilling as a ride on Dorney Park’s Steel Force roller coaster. Don’t miss Jack O’ Diamonds—the trail is one of the country’s first with BMX-style jumps built on public land.