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    The Science Behind a Sweet Love Story

    ANNABEL FIGUEROA MET ANDREW UNDERWOOD in 2017 while he was traveling abroad in her home country of Chile. The two quickly fell in love, but their entrepreneurial journey started when Andrew began craving a good old-fashioned American donut. While the standard brands of mass-produced donuts were readily available in Chile, freshly made artisan donuts were more difficult to find.


    Inspired by this gap in the Chilean market, Andrew and Annabel began perfecting a top-secret dough recipe passed down from Andrew’s grandfather, a pastry chef by trade. After countless months of tweaking and experimenting, Donerds Donuts was born, and the couple took to the streets of Santiago in a 1981 Volkswagen van to sell their specialty pastries paired with hot drip and nitro coffees. “The science behind the perfect donut and coffee” became Donerd’s claim to fame and allowed them to expand to stateside locations in Jim Thorpe and South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


    Now cemented in their neighborhoods as a must-stop donut shop, Annabel and Andrew are determined to show love to the communities that welcomed them with open arms. Each week they travel to a different small business in the area to give them a full variety box of fresh Donerds Donuts— completely free of charge.


    “We have been shown so much support in these neighborhoods, and it’s the least we can do to give back,” the owners said.


    Visit Donerds Donuts in the Southside Arts District.

    3 East 4th Street, Bethlehem.

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