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    Fig Authentic: Elaine Zelker

    ELAINE ZELKER is a storyteller, entrepreneur, and purpose-driven creative, with photographer, author, coach, and philanthropist among her titles.


    Before the multi-hyphenate creative life she now leads, Elaine worked in healthcare. As a hospice nurse, she listened intently as her patients reflected on their lives. Their stories prompted her to think about what it means to live a life of purpose. Still, it wasn’t until many years later when her parents passed away that a sobering reality sunk in—life is too short to be following a path that is out of alignment with what you value most.


    This realization shifted the course of Elaine’s life, urging her to leave a job she loved to pursue a career where she could fully express her creativity.


    Now, as a headshot and branding photographer, Elaine empowers people from behind the camera, capturing their essence in its most powerful light. In 2023, Elaine published her latest book, Zero Limits: Breaking the Boundaries That Hold You Back, with the intention of inspiring people to summon the same courage that prompted her transformation.


    “The book is finally a chance for people to see that I’m more than just a photographer, more than just an author or cafe owner,” Elaine said.


    “My mission is to empower others to use their gifts and talents to rise and soar.”


    In keeping with her mission, Elaine is participating in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) Visionaries of the Year fundraising competition— a community-wide effort to raise funds for patients battling cancer. After one of her closest friends was diagnosed with cancer, Elaine joined the competition to share her friend’s story and advocate for people facing cancer in Lehigh Valley.


    “People are stepping up, it’s unreal,” Elaine said. “Education and patient advocacy are primary to me, and now I have a voice and a platform to do that.”


    Learn more about Elaine and grab tickets to her Get Down and Derby event at