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    Love on a Plate, Art on the Walls

    IN 2023, ANTHONY HECHME opened his family’s gourmet sandwich shop, Handheldz (the suffixal “z” being a loving reference to Anthony’s son, Zavion), with the ambition of creating food that looks like art but is made with heart. The restaurant is nestled in Bethlehem’s SouthSide Arts District, an area known for its mix of diverse cultural heritages and arts-centric downtown atmosphere. If you’re looking for an elevated comfort food experience in South Bethlehem, the Handheldz menu delivers a premium selection of craft sandwiches, fresh smoothies, salad bowls, and more.


    Inspired by the Hechmes’ love for the food they create, self-taught artist Karina “Rubia” Santana took up the challenge to paint a mural in the restaurant’s lobby. The result is a simple ode to the humble sandwich and a playful parody of high Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam. However, this isn’t the only piece of art you’ll find at Handheldz. The Hechmes want to create opportunities for local artists to showcase their works for sale in the restaurant. A small capsule collection of works by contemporary artist Dylan Collazo currently decorates walls at Handheldz, but Anthony hopes to display more artists’ works soon. Interested artists should contact the business for more information.


    Visit Handheldz in the Southside Arts District and try one of their amazing sandwiches for yourself!

    518 East 3rd Street, Bethlehem.

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