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    BSI Corporate Benefits: Prioritizing Wellness

    THE KEY TO A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE goes beyond an exercise routine and wholesome diet—it’s also about employees being part of a company that is mindful of their well-being. BSI Corporate Benefits is proud to assist in their team’s wellness journey by providing employees with opportunities to live a balanced life. Jayna Gougler, BSI’s Corporate Wellness Coordinator, is in charge of just that—ensuring that healthy opportunities and community support are not only available to BSI’s clients, but to their employees as well.



    • Healthy Lunch Options—BSI partners with a local cafe to offer nutritious salads and soups delivered to the office for employees.
    • Outdoor Team Activities—BSI’s wellness program organizes activities and hikes throughout the year, and employees engage in walking meetings to promote physical and social well-being.
    • Book Clubs—Employees are encouraged to participate in a book club to enhance their intellectual growth and personal development.
    • Wellness App—A comprehensive wellness app connects BSI employees with trackers, recipes, workout videos, news, and both personal and team challenges.
    • Wellness Office Amenities—Standing desks are available at each workstation in the BSI office. A dedicated wellness room is provided for nursing mothers.
    • Work-Life Balance—Employees enjoy flexible Fridays during the summer and are encouraged to take breaks to prioritize self-care, leading to increased productivity.
    • Employee Recognition—Celebrating employees’ achievements, including anniversaries, birthdays, and promotions, is an important factor in BSI’s success.


    Click here to check out BSI’s wellness and benefits blog for more tips and insights.