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    Q&A with A-List Salon owner Andrea DeJesus

    What are your favorite or “must have” hair products?


    Andrea: Everyone should have a leave-in treatment—can’t say enough about that! If you like to be outside, at the beach, or in the pool, make sure it has a UV filter. This will add softness and shine to your hair. Every on-the-go woman also needs a dry shampoo!


    Speaking of busy women, how do you balance it all?


    Andrea: By practicing what I preach and making sure to schedule time for myself just like I recommend for my clients. Practicing yoga, getting facials, and making room for friends all contribute to my well-being. I also never skip my hair appointments! The time I spend in the chair is just as valuable as the time I spend behind it.


    How often should clients book hair appointments?


    Andrea: I love spending time with my guests, so I invite them back every six weeks. It’s good for the mind, body, soul, and of course, the hair!


    If you’d like to get into cosmetology, where do you start?


    Andrea: There are a few ways to get started. You can attend a beauty school, a vocational school, or an apprenticeship program. If you like a more personalized experience, you can apply to our apprentice program offered at A-List Salon.


    What’s it like working in Bethlehem’s Southside Arts District?


    Andrea: The Southside is near and dear to my heart. I am grateful to be positioned in the community where I grew up. This part of town is lively and filled with creativity. I’m thrilled to be a part of it. If I can inspire one person from our community to pursue their passions, I will feel successful.


    What is one “fun fact” you’ve discovered from being in this field?


    Andrea: The one thing that seems to be surprisingly consistent is how rough we are with our hair. I see it all the time—clients brushing through their hair aggressively. The ripping and pulling, usually with the wrong brush, causes breakage and frizz. In this fast-paced society, cutting corners has become normal. I always say, “Slow down, be kind to your hair, and your hair will be kind to you. Kindness is always fashionable.”