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    House Artists in the House

    Bethlehem House Gallery is committed to the arts—not just by supporting, but by practicing art in all its forms. The gallery staff includes writers, painters, sculptors, actors, designers, floral arrangers, radio and podcast personalities, filmmakers…you name it, they’ve done it. In the gallery, you’ll be delighted by the display of contemporary artwork arranged in a modern home-like interior setting. The team at Bethlehem House believes that anyone can be an art collector—and that all homes can be enriched by original fine art. Let them help you find the collector in you.

    William Kelsey


    Many of William’s artistic tables and desks are reclaimed—from old farm equipment, old fashioned machinery, printing presses, and more. He dismantles the old machinery, saving every bit, and uses those components to create his works of art. Some of William’s favorite projects are commissions in which he makes furniture out of precious family heirlooms, to be celebrated by future generations.

    Staci Louise Smith


    Staci uses an eclectic mix of components to create her jewelry—from gemstones to sea glass—as well as her own handmade components and beads. Her work brings together a modern industrial feel combined with a natural world sensibility by using metal and polymer clay to capture some of the diverse textures, colors, and patterns found in nature.

    From left: William Kelsey and Staci Louise Smith

    Danny Polk


    Danny believes that glass art is captivating not only for its fluid beauty, but for its expressive possibilities to describe the relationship between the thermal dynamics of gravity, and the curious forces of our creative energies. Much of his love and passion for glass grows from the processes involved in its creation alone. An inexplicable relationship between artist and medium is achieved every time Danny composes a new piece of glass.

    From left: Danny Polk, Doug Kozo, and Matthew “Paco” Calleri

    Doug Kozo


    Doug creates his time machines by taking unfamiliar elements and turning them into something that is familiar. Parts that would have been designed for function, and which spend their life in motion, become static elements of something visually interesting. Rust, wear marks, and other imperfections—combined with pattern, shape, and color—add to the interest of each time machine.

    Matthew “Paco” Calleri


    Matthew “Paco” Calleri combines his love for collecting and restoring vintage musical gear with his 25 years of experience in Lighting and Scenic Design. Cracked cymbals, random drum shells—even old motorcycle engines!—are transformed into furnishings and decor. In 2013, Paco started Steel City Vintage, which specializes in the rental, repair, and sales of vintage guitars, organs, and gear.