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    The Spirit of Sustainable Agriculture

    This inspiring Lehigh Valley story is brought to you by Discover Lehigh Valley. 


    LOCATED IN THE ROLLING FARMLANDS of New Tripoli, Eight Oaks Farm Distillery cultivates all the grains needed to craft an array of award-winning spirits, as well as ingredients for cocktail garnishes and their kitchen menu. However, their farm goes beyond the spirits they produce. Through a focus on the land and the people who develop it, Eight Oaks grows the community around them and remains rooted in purpose. 


    Every stage of the distilling process is cyclical and connected to their mission of being a positive force in the community where they live and work. Eight Oaks is a proud advocate for regenerative agriculture, which primarily focuses on fostering a harmonious relationship between the land, crops, livestock, and wildlife. Taking these steps to mimic natural ecosystems promotes the long-term health of the land while simultaneously mitigating climate change. 


    Eight Oaks crafts the best spirits possible due to the team’s diligence in providing the land with everything it needs to thrive. With an in-depth, holistic water management system, the farm’s artesian well naturally pumps gallons of crystal clear, clean water to their crops. This is a key aspect of regenerative farming that enriches soil health while creating resilient ecosystems, resulting in healthy, delicious products. 


    Eight Oaks honors the integrity of their land by growing the many ingredients that factor into their delicious spirits and cocktails, all harvested from healthy soil. The two types of soil on their land, Berks-Weikert and Comly, are ancient soils that are nutrient-rich and well-drained. In their commitment to sustainable farming, Eight Oaks lets the soil of their farm speak for itself, as its characteristics make it the perfect conditions to grow rye and barley—two very important ingredients to the community’s favorite spirits. 


    Cultivating crops such as rye, wheat, non-GMO corn, and barley reduces their carbon footprint while supporting the health of their farm. By harnessing the natural characteristics of their land, Eight Oaks not only curates unique flavors into their distilled spirits, but also embraces sustainability and supports the local economy. 


    With healthy soil and an intricate water irrigation system, Eight Oaks takes the extra step to maximize the natural potential of their farm by incorporating livestock. Every cow, chicken, and honey bee on their farm plays an integral role in their distilling process. 


    Their livestock feed off the barley and naturally fertilize their crops, creating a sustainable farming process that provides the best outcome for the land and spirits. Their recent addition of honey bees is not only key for pollination, but also provides honey harvested as a sweet ingredient in many of Eight Oaks’ signature cocktails. 


    As every crop is malted, milled, distilled, aged, and bottled just a few miles from where they were harvested, it furthers Eight Oak’s commitment to keeping their process as close to home as possible.



    Nothing tastes better than a cocktail created with purpose and sustainability in mind.


    The team at Eight Oaks Farm Distillery is dedicated to regenerative farming practices and is eager to educate the community about making sustainability accessible to all. They are more than just farmers and distillers; they are members of the Lehigh Valley community doing their part in making the region a better place, one drink at a time.


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