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    Giving Back: Chad Butters

    AS A RETIRED ARMY VETERAN, Eight Oaks Farm Distillery Founder and CEO Chad Butters knows the importance of making an impact. “That’s what I’m here for. We’re all here to improve our communities,” Chad said. “My purpose in life is to leave the land better than I found it.”


    Eight Oaks Farm Distillery was created when Chad’s wife received a cancer diagnosis. It was then that he and his family truly reflected on what they wanted out of life. From that contemplation, Chad and his family decided to start a business that allowed them to spend time together and have fun while also bettering the community.


    At Eight Oaks, every decision is influenced by making a difference, starting with their raw ingredients. Chad and his team have worked together to alter recipes so that the ingredients are solely coming from Lehigh Valley, letting their farm serve as inspiration.


    “We should do things that are worth doing,” Chad said. “It’s worth doing when you’re making a positive impact on the community you live and work in.”


    During their first year of operation, Eight Oaks received more donation requests from nonprofits than they could handle. Seeing the severe need inspired Chad to use Eight Oaks and partner with nonprofits that resonate deeply with them, including Second Harvest Food Bank, Cancer Support Community, and PA Veteran Farm Network. Eight Oaks recently hired a director of community engagement, whose position is solely dedicated to connecting and maintaining relationships with community partners.


    Through their partnership with PA Veteran Farming Network, Chad developed a grant program that offsets the extra expense that prevents farmers from taking advantage of government programs to develop their farms.


    Eight Oaks Farm Distillery is committed to being caretakers of the community. “Tomorrow is not promised, yesterday is already gone,” Chad said. “What are you going to do today to make a difference?”


    See the impact of Eight Oaks Farm Distillery’s community work by visiting