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    Fig Authentic: Lindsay Watson

    AS THE CO-FOUNDER AND VICE PRESIDENT OF FIA NOW EMPLOYMENT SOLUTIONS, Lindsay Watson is a creative social butterfly with a passion for connecting people to their purpose. 


    Through her corporate experience from Wall Street to Main Street, Lindsay has gained valuable insights that have propelled her to success as an entrepreneur, HR leader, and public speaker. 


    As a small-town girl raised in a predominantly white community, Lindsay learned the value of diversity and visibility from a young age. “It’s easier to be what you can see,” Lindsay said. “If people can’t see others who look like them in places that are visible, it’s more difficult to visualize themselves there.” Lindsay’s drive to create safe places for black and brown community members is evident through her community activism. Lindsay is proud to be the first African American woman to serve on the boards for Miller-Keystone Blood Center, Habitat for Humanity, and Women United. 


    “I come from a family of firsts,” Lindsay said. “My father made history as one of the first African Americans to reach the rank of Admiral in the U.S. Navy. My mother made history by helping to establish a magnet school, which her grandchildren later attended. I know my responsibility is to stand on the shoulders of those who have worked hard before me and to honor them.” 


    Lindsay, with support from her mentor William Brown, co-founded FIA NOW after leaving her job on Wall Street. “My business partner and FIA’s CEO, Bill Brown, has been a mentor to many over the years. It was his investment and belief in me that allowed me to become an entrepreneur through FIA!” 


    FIA NOW is the first minority-owned employment services company in the Lehigh Valley, serving the community for eleven years. Their latest division in outplacement services offers career coaching and severance package options to companies during layoff processes. With their extensive access to information and expertise, FIA NOW’s goal is to keep talent in Lehigh Valley and fill in the gaps throughout the workforce. 


    In addition to her work with FIA NOW, Lindsay is the proud founder of Joy Fluent: a 100% woman and minority-owned virtual assistance company in the Lehigh Valley. She is also a public speaker and workshop facilitator. “I love being in a community where I can use my experiences to support our growing and diverse Lehigh Valley,” Lindsay said. 


    Learn more about Lindsay and her work by visiting