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    Discover Lehigh Valley: Fresh Branding

    Discover Lehigh Valley, in partnership with the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation, has unveiled an exciting rebrand for the region.  This new logo represents the unity of two counties and two organizations while showcasing Lehigh Valley’s diverse landscape and urban growth. The highly legible logo emphasizes “Lehigh Valley” and successfully magnifies the region’s voice, making marketing efforts more effective and efficient.


    Lehigh Valley businesses and community organizations are encouraged to show regional pride by using this new logo. The brand guidelines provide flexibility, allowing partners to incorporate the logo into their existing branding and colors. For organizations contemplating logo usage, Discover Lehigh Valley is ready to provide tips and suggestions on how to effectively integrate the logo.


    The Discover Lehigh Valley rebrand brings a fresh, unified perspective to this vibrant region, reinforcing its appeal to a wide array of audiences and encouraging collective pride and promotion of the Lehigh Valley identity.



    Become a Lehigh Valley Ambassador Today!



    Are you passionate about Lehigh Valley and eager to become an advocate for this remarkable region? Look no further than the Lehigh Valley Ambassador program! Launched in May 2023, this free initiative has already seen over 960


    engaged individuals become regional champions.


    A Lehigh Valley Ambassador is someone who genuinely cares about the area and how it is represented, contributing to unforgettable experiences for both visitors and locals. They serve as trusted resources for friends and neighbors, foster


    ing connections with community members and leaders annually.


    Joining is a breeze! The free online session takes only 30-45 minutes to enhance knowledge of all the incredible offerings Lehigh Valley provides. Be a part of something special and become a Lehigh Valley Ambassador today.


    Photo courtesy of Center City Allentown