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    Fig Authentic: Chaz Hayden

    A Journey of Resilience, Passion, and Literary Ambition


    Chaz Hayden’s life is a testament  to resilience, determination, and unwavering strength. Born in New Jersey and diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at the young age of three months, Chaz has defied odds and expectations to live an extraordinary life. Where medical experts doubted his survival, his mother’s relentless advocacy shaped his outlook on life.


    Beginning his mobility journey with a powered wheelchair at two years old, Chaz never let his disability define him. Instead, he embraced life with full throttle, taking on challenges, battling illnesses, surgeries, and emerging stronger each time. Sports played an essential role in his family, and though physically limited, he mentally mastered the games, turning apparent obstacles into intriguing puzzles to solve.


    Chaz’s education path was unconventional; he started college at 15 and graduated with a finance degree from the University of Arizona at 18. His ambition led him to intern for the football team and later land a finance job in New Jersey.


    However, it was during the transition between studies and professional life that Chaz discovered his passion for writing. Crafting stories reflecting friendship, love, and experiences like his own, he worked diligently to hone his skills as a writer. His debut novel, “The First Thing About You,” published in September 2022, marks an exciting step in his literary journey.


    Most recently, Chaz has partnered with The PEAK TV, a local newsmagazine show, to spread awareness about living with a disability and showcase accessibility around the Lehigh Valley.


    His positive outlook and passion for storytelling are a compelling combination that makes him an exciting voice in the literary world. Whether riding in his “sick wheelchair” or enjoying his favorite chicken nuggets, Chaz’s energy and creativity set a vibrant example for many.


    Follow Chaz on Instagram: @thechazhayden