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    Introducing Nort Port: Lehigh Valley’s Cheese Ball Company

    Nort Port is making cheese balls Lehigh Valley’s snack of the summer.

    If you’ve been to a farmers market in the Valley lately, you might recognize Lauren Geldon and her concession trailer loaded with a seasonal menu of sweet and savory cheese balls. Commonly known as a treat reserved for holiday parties and gift baskets, Lauren is setting out to popularize cheese balls as a snack.

    “For people who love cheese and dips, this is your new favorite snack,” Lauren said. “Nort Port is the perfect snack for watching TV, enjoying a beer or a glass of wine on your back deck in the summer—many of our customers even eat them for lunch.”

    To make the delicious Nort Port creations, a rich cream cheese base is mixed with spices and cheeses, then hand-rolled in nuts, seeds, or sprinkles. Packaged in a convenient grab-and-go container, Nort Port cheese balls come with a hearty serving of crackers or cookies that make the snack easy to enjoy during a day at the park, after strolling your local farmers market, or as an appetizer at your next dinner party. This treat is perfect for sharing, with each cheese ball serving approximately two to four people.

    With 7 years of experience in hospice social work, Lauren spent much of her time wading through grief and loss with her clients. While she finds her work fulfilling, Lauren wanted to add an activity that would incorporate joy into her work life. Lauren was known for bringing cheese balls to parties she had with friends. When she began dreaming up new iterations of her career, her friends encouraged her to share her dinner party staple with the community.


    “Everyone should celebrate life every day. You could die tomorrow. Eat a cheeseball.” Lauren said, encouraging her customers to enjoy delicious food and savor every moment that comes their way.


    This summer, Nort Port is excited to add dog treats to its menu. Each treat is packaged similarly to the classic cheese balls but includes a portion of dehydrated beef treats—handcrafted from all-natural beef without any seasonings or additives—and a tennis ball for your pups to enjoy this summer. The dog treats boast a three-month shelf life and can be ordered online and shipped anywhere outside the Lehigh Valley!

    Find Nort Port at the following markets and wholesalers this summer: 

    —Nazareth Farmers Market
    —Bethlehem Rose Garden Farmers Market
    —Perkasie Farmers Market

    —Saucon Valley Farmers Market
    —Jays Local
    —Setter Ridge Vineyards

    Follow along with Nort Port at Facebook, Instagram, or by visiting