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    Get to know Krista Kim

    Spaces from Mars House

    Krista Kim is a contemporary artist and founder of the 2014 Techism movement, which explores the concept of the digital consciousness. Her interest in digital technology and its revolutionary effects on human perception, media, social structures, and communication led her to work in both digital and physical realms. After developing her signature style of shifting gradients using digital tools, she’s been able to create pieces that are both mesmerizing and thought-provoking.


    The aim of Techism is to encourage people to become more aware of the impact of technology on their lives and to explore ways to use technology for positive change. Krista’s art is just one example of how technology can be used to open up new possibilities for expression.


    “My entire philosophy as an artist has been to create healing experiences through technology—to use the screen as a meditative experience,” she said.


    During the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, Krista continued to explore the creative potential of using screens as digital instruments of well-being, creating Mars House—a completely virtual environment. Using her digital zen philosophy, Mars House became the first ever Metaverse home for sale as an NFT in March 2021. The piece received global acclaim, and in the
    same month it was listed, it became the highest-grossing sale of an NFT on SuperRare.


    “When I understood the power of blockchain and NFTs…then I knew we were entering a whole new civilization that would be a fluid interplay between digital metaverse experiences and real life,” she said.


    Krista is continuing to make history and a name for herself through her art. In February 2022, her show CONTINUUM was displayed in Time Square through The Time Square Art  alliance. For the first time ever, 90 screens participated in the Midnight Moment—the world’s largest and longest running digital art program—washing Time Square with healing light for three minutes each night of the month.


    “Time Square is the most powerful space for capitalism in the world. It’s a true symbol. If you could just change that for a moment and create a healing space for the public, that’s a game changer,” she explained. “It’s a paradigm shift in how we can use the technology and the messaging of the screens for well-being. I think that was the message that really resonated with people.”


    As the boundary between the digital and physical worlds continues to blur, Krista’s work will increasingly challenge and inspire rethinking people’s relationship with technology.


    Be sure to follow Krista Kim at and on Instagram