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    Giving Back: Darin Barron, Jr.

    As an artist, Darin Barron, Jr. defies the category. The founder of My City Dance and Haydenfilms’ Business Development Director, with Haydenfilms, Darin’s work is at the intersection of dance, film, and storytelling to foster connection and community.


    Dance Meets Film
    Darin’s artistic career was born out of dance. His project “My City Dance Series” fuses his background as a Krump dance artist with his work as a filmmaker. The platform serves as an empowering space for dancers to tell their stories. “Through film, we weave dance and movement with interviews to reveal the person behind the art,” explains Darin. “We go beyond dance as entertainment to get at the why behind their dancing. The film stories capture more deeply what the dancer tries to express in their art.” Deeply intentional, My City Dance connects dancers to the wider community.


    Breakthrough Moments and Film
    Film reentered his story when he was at NACC and a video artist asked to film him dancing and his Krump artistry. Krump is a dance form that was, as Darin explains it, “born in LA in the 2000s to combat gang violence. It is a subjective, sometimes spiritual, evolving form.” The filming of his story ignited something in Darin. “I wanted to offer that experience to other dancers, to get their stories out,” he said. This led him to Haydenfilms, where Darin has been able to find the support to realize his vision.


    Community and Competitions
    Darin says, “Stories save lives and have powerful influence. Through filmmaking and journalism, we can encourage others. We find each other in community. And it is important as artists that we support one another.” Dancers are coming to the Lehigh Valley to work and film with Haydenfilms, and Darin’s work gives them an opportunity to speak out. “We always want to think about what outlets and spaces are created for artists, where you can be seen and feel there are people like you,” Darin added.


    Theory of 5 Dance Competition
    In 2022, Haydenfilms hosted the Theory of 5 Dance Competition. Darin explains, “It’s something we came up with that’s accessible to anyone, not necessarily elite dancers.” Theory of 5 is based on Chris Saraceno’s coaching work around five components to a successful life. “We created an original piece of music that’s positive and upbeat, where anyone can create something unique—their own dance art,” Darin said. Participants shared their choreography to the song by posting their reels on Instagram and TikTok. “It was a way to have global accessibility and an inclusive environment; connecting dancers of all walks of life,” he said.


    Be sure to follow Darin on Instagram @darinthebarronjr




    Sponsored by Haydenfilms Institute