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    Enriching lives through arts education

    It can be said that Raphael’s School of Athens symbolizes the union of art, philosophy, and science all under one roof—it is considered to be one of the masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance. The Baum School of Art is a community visual arts school located in downtown Allentown and is a place with a similar inclusivity of art and community. For the recreation of this artwork, the school brought together a mix of what makes the school so special—its students of all ages, instructors, staff, and members of the Board of Trustees.


    The Baum School of Art was founded nearly a century ago, in 1926 by Walter Emerson Baum, a Pennsylvania Impressionist artist. Walter humbly began the school by teaching a painting class to a group of Allentown public school teachers, so that they could, in turn, teach their students art. Baum believed that no one should be deprived the opportunity to study art because of limited financial resources. This belief was the cornerstone on which the school was built. Its mission of enriching lives through arts education remains true to Walter Baum’s vision. The school is dedicated to providing instruction, guidance, and encouragement for children and adults who wish to reach their full potential through the study of the visual arts.


    Throughout its history, The Baum School of Art has been dedicated to serving the residents of Allentown and the greater Lehigh Valley, celebrating diversity and welcoming all community members. Through its classes and outreach programs, the school provides access to arts education to students from all walks of life, encouraging them to study art and connect with their creativity. Last year, the school served over 2,500 students through these programs. Their community outreach programs assist underserved areas of the community and include: financial aid for children, teens, and adults to explore classes in art, design, and fashion; free after-school programs to every public school in Allentown; scholarships for senior citizens; programs for youth and young adults on the autism spectrum; merit scholarships and recognition for exceptionally talented students; and many more.


    Stop by The Baum School of Art to check out one of its many classes or view art exhibitions in its Rodale Galleries and become part of our modern day School of Athens. Visit or call 610.433.0032 for more information. Begin on your path to creating your own personal masterpiece in the heart of downtown Allentown.