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    Achieving the new normal for breastfeeding

    After carrying a baby for nine months, it is an incredible feeling to finally bring that little one into the world.


    The Breastfeeding Shop provides the best breast pumps that are on the market. They thoroughly understand the features and benefits of all of the brands so they can properly help their customers. They stay on top of the newest technology on the market. Their goal is to help as many moms as possible, as it is truly their passion. At The Breastfeeding Shop, they don’t “sell” breast pumps—they help new and expecting moms with their personal journey.


    The Breastfeeding Shop helps new and expecting moms with their individual breastfeeding journey. Having a baby is one of the most miraculous things a woman can experience, however it can be overwhelming as well.


    The decision on how to feed your baby is a very personal journey. At The Breastfeeding Shop they work with each and every customer individually and help guide her through the options that are available to her. Whether it be exclusively nursing, both using a breast pump and nursing, or pumping only. There are many ways to feed a baby—after all—fed is best!


    The Breastfeeding Shop embraces all customers and holds a non-judgmental, safe environment to discuss sensitive topics.


    The Breastfeeding Shop provides assistance in navigating insurance reimbursement too!  Most insurances will pay for a breast pump.


    They work with all of the major insurance companies such as Aetna, Tricare, Cigna, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield & more.


    To find out more, stop in or visit online at You can also follow them on Instagram: @thebreastfeedingshop.