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    Fig Authentic: Thanjhae Teasley

    Thanjhae “The Tiger” Teasley, incidentally, floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.


    The Lehigh Valley native is climbing the ranks as a professional boxer. To see him in the ring is to truly witness
    something quite remarkable.


    Before each match, his favorite Wu Tang Clan song blasts over the speakers, serenading him from behind the shadows and into the boxing ring. You can tell he is visualizing his win, taking in this moment—he doesn’t even blink.


    At 23-years-old, the undefeated welterweight has focus, drive, and determination written all over his face. Thanjhae has the face of a warrior.


    He discovered his calling very early on—born out of a first-grade biography writing assignment. “I picked Muhammad Ali. I loved what he stood for and how he carried himself both inside and outside the ring,” Thanjhae explained. “He never let anyone tell him what he couldn’t do. He defied the odds and manifested
    his dreams. I was inspired. I knew I wanted to be just like him.”


    Thanjhae took to YouTube, studying masters like Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Ray Robinson, Thomas Hearns,
    Jack LaMotta, and Marvin Hagler, to name a few. “I just loved the way they moved,” he added.


    In elementary school, Thanjhae was bullied, and after he learned about the sport through his report, he asked his mother if she’d let him take boxing lessons. After some convincing, his mother finally agreed, and the rest is history.


    Thanjhae has his sights set on victory, as he trains six days a week for seven hours a day. His diet isn’t like one
    of a normal twenty-something. “Anyone who knows me knows I have a crazy sweet tooth, but I can’t have any
    of that while I’m training,” Thanjhae said. “I can’t give up on myself. I’ve worked too hard to get where I’m going.”


    Thanjhae’s laser focus is on what’s next, with goals of becoming a champion in several boxing weight divisions.
    Eventually, he plans to transition to a career as a boxing commentator when his life in the ring comes to an end and start a family someday, but he knows boxing will always be his passion no matter what.


    He is committed to accomplishing everything he sets out to do. After all, Thanjhae’s got the eye of The Tiger.