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    Discover the Heart, Art & Soul

    Discover the heart, art, and soul of Bethlehem’s SouthSide Arts District and Urban Arts Trail. The trail is a 2.7 mile path throughout the business district leading followers to sculptures, bike racks, mosaics, painted flower pots, and murals. The latest mural joining the trail is from the owners of the Flying V Restaurant (201 East Third Street), Christie and Matt Vymazal.


    The inspiration came from inside the Flying V, where their first mural by artist Kyle Confehr depicts scattered images of Christie’s Canadian home. Christie and Matt reimagined a similar outdoor mural on what was previously a bare wall that reflected the SouthSide’s businesses, events, and landmarks. The result is a cool display of the many things that make Bethlehem and the SouthSide so special.


    “Our public art brings joy, beauty, and celebrates our community.”
    – Christie Vymazal


    To learn more about the SouthSide Arts District and Urban Arts Trail, visit the interactive map:


    The SouthSide Arts District, an initiative of the Bethlehem Economic Development Corporation, is a nonprofit Main Street Revitalization Program. Overseen by Downtown Manager,  Erin Zebertavage, committees of volunteers made up of business and nonprofit leaders volunteer their time, energy, and ideas to build a vibrant and sustainable SouthSide Downtown. For more information about our merchants, events, sponsorship, and volunteer opportunities, please visit