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    Art is Everywhere.

    The SouthSide Arts District, an initiative of the Bethlehem Economic Development Corporation, is committed to creating an economically thriving South Bethlehem Business District. For more information about our merchants, events, and opportunities, please visit

    CONNECTED BY KINDNESS • Sarah Karess & Mounir Mulhem, Located at Third & Adams Streets

    “Connected by Kindness”
    New Street Mural at Third & Adams Streets


    The SouthSide Arts District’s Design Committee is tasked each year with one specific goal—how can we take public art to the next level on the streets of the SouthSide? In 2018, they added five new murals across the district. In 2019, they created the Greenway ArtsWalk. And in 2020, they added the SouthSide’s first public piano, along with an interactive guide on their website to help the public find all 33 public art works downtown called the “Urban Arts Trail.” This year, they’re at it again—only this time they are looking to not only beautify the streets, but calm them as well.


    With the help of artists Sarah Karess and Mounir Mulhem, they will do just that—with a street mural. Within the bump outs of all four corners of the intersection at Adams and Third Streets, art will be used to help slow traffic and allow pedestrians that frequent the busy intersection the ability to cross safely. “It’s a proven solution that’s been used in multiple downtowns across the country. Drivers notice the mural and slow down naturally to focus. We’re thrilled that it will not only help to calm the traffic downtown, but this mural will be the first of its kind in Bethlehem,” said Missy Hartney, the SouthSide’s Downtown Manager. “We’re thrilled to have Lehigh Valley Health Network, the Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission, Northampton County, and the City of Bethlehem partner with us to make history in the SouthSide.”


    Over 15 artists submitted applications for the project, which asked for a mural that reflects the health and wellness of the community, while incorporating the signature colors of Lehigh Valley Health Network. A panel of art experts and Bethlehem enthusiasts took part in the final decision, and it was Karess and Mulhem’s design that wowed the crowd. Inspired by David James, an Australian who went viral for handing flowers to complete strangers as a random act of kindness—the design features hands offering various flowers to passersby. The artists noted, “Within any community, the cornerstone to wellness and quality of life is driven by kindness, and we all have a hand in helping each other grow. This mural intends to remind the Bethlehem community to be kind to each other and to oneself. By doing so, we will be well together.”


    To help make future art projects possible in the SouthSide, please visit to make a donation today!




    REBUILDING & REMEMBERING • Devyn Leonor Briggs, Located at Fillmore & The Greenway, the back of Victory House of Lehigh Valley

    Urban Arts Trail
    The SouthSide’s Urban Arts Trail is a 2.75-mile path throughout the business district leading followers to all our public artworks! Visit our interactive map and guide online, detailing directions, artist information, and the history on each piece. What should you expect? Murals, sculptures, artist-designed bike racks, mosaics, artistic structures, painted flower pots, our public piano, and the brand-new street mural at the intersection of Third and Adams Streets. Artists from across the world and right here in the Lehigh Valley have made the SouthSide their canvas, and now we are thrilled to invite you to explore our downtown and community gallery. Plan your day in the downtown and get your tail on the trail. Open seven days a week, 24 hours a day for you to enjoy!


    Learn more at

    Left: STAINED GLASS STEELSTACKS • Lauren Kuhn, Located at The Tally Ho Tavern | Center: SOUTHSIDE PROUD • Joseph Iacona, Located at Molly’s Irish Grille & Sports Pub | Right: THE LOVE OF MUSIC • Ramiro Davaro-Comas, Located at Fillmore & Third Streets

    “Artists from across the world and right here in the Lehigh Valley have made the SouthSide their canvas."

    Left: DIVERSITY • Maltas Con Leche, Located at Cafe the Lodge Courtyard | Center: YELLOW VIBRANCY (LEFT) & BONN PLACE TRIBUTE MURAL (RIGHT) • Amy Perdue, Denton Burrows & Key Detail, Located at Bonn Place Brewing | Right: SOUTHBOUND • Matt Halm, Located at Third and New Streets


    LOVE • Christopher Colon, Located at Third and Fillmore Streets

    SouthSide Arts District Events
    The SouthSide Arts District is Bethlehem’s home for art, entertainment, shopping, and dining. From our unique boutiques, fantastic restaurants to special events, and public art—the SouthSide Arts District is one of the most eclectic places to live, work, and play! Whether you’re looking for fashion-forward threads, strong, vibrant signature pieces for your home, a delicious meal, or a slice of history, the SouthSide Arts District is truly the Art & Soul of Bethlehem.


    October 10
    What could be better than an afternoon of wine tastings and art? Join the guided tour of the SouthSide’s Urban Arts Trail with manager, Missy Hartney, September 12 or October 10 from 1–3pm. Learn the story behind each piece, while stopping along the way at select retailers and restaurants for wine and conservation. Each location will be offering a variety of Franklin Hill wines, as well as specials and sales for shoppers! Tickets can be purchased online or that day.

    “The SouthSide Arts District is truly the art & soul of Bethlehem."

    BLUE HERONS • Virginia Abbott, Located between Taylor and Webster Streets, on the Greenway

    Wine Sampling
    There are five wine stops, with each location serving a different kind of wine. The walk is filled with a variety of red and white wines with some specialty selections like rose, sparkling, and port. While enjoying wine samples at each participating location, participants keep track of the locations they visit on their Art & Wine Walk passports and enjoy sales and discounts along the way.


    The Raffle
    Participants can turn in their passports at the end of the tour to be entered in a drawing to win a gift card to a SouthSide shop of their choice from the tour.


    Purchase Tickets
    Art & Wine Walk tickets can be prepurchased online for $30, or purchased at the door for $35. Attendees who pre-purchase their tickets pick up their glass, passport, and wine guide using the express lane at check-in.


    Tour Stops Include:
    “SouthSide Proud” Mural Installation by Joseph Iaconna at Molly’s Irish Grille & Sports Pub


    “Southbound” Mural by Matt Halm at New & Third Streets The New Street Mural by Sarah Karness & Mounir Mulhem at Adams & Third Streets


    “Blue Herons” sculpture by Virginia Abbott on the Greenway


    “LOVE” Public Piano by Christopher Colon at Third and Fillmore and more!


    The SouthSide Arts District, an initiative of the Bethlehem Economic Development Corporation, is committed to creating an economically thriving South Bethlehem Business District.


    For more information about our merchants, events and opportunities, please visit