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    Strong, Fierce, Unstoppable: Meet the Women of Apollo Grill

    “Behind every strong woman is a tribe of other strong women,” Apollo Grill owner Rachel Griffith says.

    Rachel, a Bethlehem native and Moravian College graduate, took the reins 2 years ago when her former bosses felt it was time to retire. “This is a dream come true with lots of hard work ahead,” Rachel told herself. “Be humble, work your butt off, and prove you deserve it.”


    The Apollo Grill is an outlier in the male-dominated restaurant industry. There aren’t many restaurants that have a female owner, female executive chef, and a mostly female-dominated service staff. “It’s pretty amazing that we have all of these strong, passionate women that work so well together,” Rachel says, “and are determined to continue to make the Apollo Grill successful for many years to come.”


    She knows she has something special here. “Not one person makes the Apollo Grill; we ALL make the Apollo Grill. We all share the same passion, drive, and determination to make the best of the lives we live—and the lives we touch. We honestly love what we do and we do it well!”

    Head Chef Alice Schneck and Owner Rachel Griffith

    One of the key members of Rachel’s tribe at the Apollo Grill is head chef Alice Schneck. “Alice is a driven, creative individual,” says Rachel. “She thinks outside the box, and her spirit has really helped form the restaurant that we have. I am proud to work alongside her every day—we make a great team!”


    The restaurant has been a culinary fixture in Bethlehem for 20 years—and Rachel, Alice, and their team are committed to maintaining and growing Apollo’s tradition of being sophisticated and lively, with great food and drinks served by a friendly and professional staff.


    “I am blessed that I am able to surround myself daily with such wonderful women. They inspire me to be a better person. They inspire me to work to my highest potential, and they lift me up,” Rachel says. “I’ve never met a group of people that have my back so much—and I want them to know every day that I have theirs, too.”