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    Fresh Face: NuHouse

    Many say that the most powerful healer of the human body is the human body itself. That’s why Easton native Janel Lukachek—along with her mother, Adele Lukachek and her partner Tonie Chicchi—created what they call their passion project, NuHouse: a health and wellness spa on South Bank Street in downtown Easton that is a place for body, mind, and soul-connected healing and repair.


    “It’s truly a family-run facility,” Janel says. “Without any one person here, we would not stand—every person has their role. No one is CEO, for example, because it truly takes a village. We have an array of practitioners working together on every system of the body to help you be and feel the best you.” From cold laser therapy to chiropractic, yoga, reiki, massage, and a warm sauna—as well as having an aesthetician, a nutritionist, and an herbalist on staff—there’s something for everyone.

    “Without any one person here, we would not stand—every person has their role."

    After living in New York City for over a decade, Janel came to the revelation that there are so many people trying to heal themselves, and many different avenues to pursue instead of traditional medicine. So she decided to bring together a group of like-minded people under one roof.


    The team says that the name NuHouse has two meanings: not only is your body your house, but they want everyone to feel at home at the spa. You’ll have your own robe and slippers in this no-Wi-Fi zone, so you can reboot yourself while you recharge your phone. Surrounded by the exposed brick, hardwood floors, natural light, and calming aromatherapy scents at NuHouse, it’s easy to get into the mind-space necessary to do so.


    In the bustle of modern life, it’s nice to know there are places to help us find calm and to center ourselves. The team at NuHouse is committed to helping guests do just that. “We lead you to your own house and hold the space for you to heal,” Janel says.