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    Thinking Bigger: Spencer Cobb, Edge Restaurant

    Edge Restaurant is built on a simple idea: changing what you think is possible. “Our goal,” says co-owner Spencer Cobb, “is to remove the stigma that we need to be dressed a certain way, have tons of money, or be out for a special occasion in order to experience fine dining.” Edge focuses on quality and consistency, depth of experience—co-owner Timothy Widrick has been executive chef for almost all of Edge’s 17 years in existence—and a great environment.


    The restaurant itself is relaxed and informal, and the staff is managed for success. “Treat people with respect,” says Spencer, “pay them a fair wage,” and never, “under any circumstance, micromanage.” Empower employees to learn from their mistakes, and you’ll promote growth and loyalty. And every single staff member, from the dish room to the general manager, receives an annual holiday bonus. “We treat our staff as family,” says Spencer, “because in a lot of ways, we are all family.”


    This philosophy of respect, positive connection, and giving back extends well beyond the four walls of the restaurant. Deeply committed to the community they’re proud and grateful to be a part of, Edge’s goal is to host an event every single month where 100% of the funds from the event’s food sales are donated to a designated charity.


    Edge has plans to expand and to open more locations throughout the Lehigh Valley. Each will have its own unique spin but preserve the spirit that is Edge: casual but special. Focused on quality and service, and driven to “give back to the community through charity, create a reputable working environment, and provide a service,” says Spencer, “that promotes pleasure.”