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    Extraordinary Halloween Goings-on at SteelStacks

    Fun fact: costume parties are just the tip of the spooky-iceberg that is the end of October. Parades and trick-or-treat are great too, but if you’re looking to ramp up your Halloween shenanigans, SteelStacks has a bunch of scary-fun haunt-ivities lined up for you. I’ll arrange them in chronological order for you, because I’m nice like that.


    Wednesday, 10/24 – Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror –

    Nosferatu (1922) remains one of the absolute greatest vampires movies ever made. You’ll find no sparkly vampires here, just the eerie German expressionist horror film played with live musical accompaniment by award-winning composer and Muhlenberg College alum Bryson Kemp.


    Friday, 10/26 – Two Funny, Too Scary with Synched Up & The Great Old Ones

    Any true Halloweeny knows that the holiday isn’t all scares – it’s also got a lot of laughs. This completely improvised comedy show features two teams making up spooky laughs on the spot. Shameless self-promotion time; my team, The Great Old Ones, performs horror comedy in the style of 20th Century Horror writers. It’s like if Stephen King wrote for The Kids in the Hall.


    Friday, 10/26 – 2nd Annual SteelStacks Zombie Ball

    This bloody event features live (or dead?!) music from local party band favorites Flowers for Taco and DJ Angel B. Get zombiefied with face painting, have infectious fun in the haunted bounce house and strike a zombie pose in the selfie area. Fun fact: there are only 666 tickets available for this event (and a whole bunch of them have already been sold)

    Friday and Saturday, 10/26 and 10/27  – The Rocky Horror Picture Show –

    Dammit, Janet. This requires no explanation – it’s a cult classic!


    Saturday, 10/27 – Halloween 40th Anniversary Screening

    Do I need to explain this one too? No. No I do not.


    Wednesday, 10/31 – Ghostbusters –

    Who ya gonna call?! Hopefully a friend to come see this classic movie with you.


    Wednesday, 10/31 – Splintered Sunlight

    You can’t spell Grateful Dead without “dead,” so that totally counts as Halloween-goodness!


    Saturday, 11/3 – First Saturday Horror Series: The Descent –

    Ok, so technically after Halloween, but this is one of the greatest, most nerve-rattling claustrophobic horror movies ever made.


    That’s a pretty good list, don’t you think? You’re welcome to wear a costume to any/all of them too (or to none of them, it’s up to you how extra you want to be).