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    Steel District Barbershop Brings Fresh Cuts To Bethlehem

    Steel District Barbershop isn’t your grandfather’s barbershop; it’s all that, and more. From the hardwood floors, to the leather couch, to a three-chair setup that allows not only the barber to interact with his clients, but lets the clients interact with the other barbers and each other—Michael Szerling and Pawel Zielinski offer personalized service with a modern adaptation of classic style.


    “It’s the kind of barbershop where intimidation doesn’t exist,” says Kacper Waskiewicz, Pawel and Michael’s friend—and apprentice barber at Steel District. “When you walk in here, you’re greeted with a handshake and a complimentary beverage of your choice.”


    Many clients choose among a variety of beers, which are rotated regularly. In fact, now that they’re firmly established with a regular clientele, the three are even looking for sponsors from local breweries. And in addition to their unique beverage service, clients also have the option of online booking which saves everybody time—but walk-ins are always welcome.


    Michael and Pawel have known each other for 15 years, and are both first generation barbers. “I never went to barber shops,” Michael says, “I just went to chain places and I was always getting jacked up. Finally, I said ‘Pawel, can you clean up around my ears?’”


    “He forced me,” says Pawel with a chuckle. “He was my first haircut.” Together, the pair decided that Bethlehem needed a barber shop like this one — a shop that can handle all types of haircuts with a classic feel to it.


    Steel District Barbershop isn’t just a barber shop. It’s a place where you can hang out and spend some time with the guys—three friends who treat you like a proper client—and where every haircut, every service matters.