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    #WomensWork Feature: Marcy Dobil, Lisa Medero, and Amy Barnett

    Written by Kate Racculia


    Josh Early Candies has been a part of local Pennsylvania history for over a century, and a part of Marcy Dobil, Lisa Medero, and Amy Barnett’s entire lives. The owners and managers of the fifth generation family-owned candy business, they are also the daughters and granddaughters of Marge and Josh Early V, who opened the candymakers’ first Lehigh Valley store in the 1961.


    Dobil, Medero, and Barnett always had a strong desire to carry on the Josh Early Candies tradition and values, but each of them had different careers before entering the family business—and there was a definite learning curve. Those challenges created opportunities, and a source of motivating inspiration. “Don’t underestimate the power of doing something you love,” they say. “When you follow your dreams and pursue your passions, work doesn’t feel like work.”


    Josh Early’s fundamental philosophy is to never sacrifice quality for convenience, and to provide a quality product along with exceptional customer service. Dobil, Medero and Barnett are also keen to grow the company’s community service efforts, extending beyond their comfort zone of selling chocolate to make a positive impact on the place they call home.


    They’re excited to be working with more and more women in their day-to-day business dealings, both outside the company, and within. Nearly 90% of their 66 employees are women, and they’re proud of the positive work environment they create and foster for female employees. As for their contribution to the ongoing legacy of Josh Early Candies, Dobil, Medero and Barnett are committed to providing delicious treats and excellent service, and to taking care of their employees and the local community.