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    Fresh Face: Roasted

    From fragrant coffee beans to nuts, meats, and veggies, there’s not much that doesn’t taste better when blasted with high, dry heat. Just think about Brussels sprouts, a Thanksgiving meal staple, and one of the menu items at Roasted. A boiled sprout is mushy and almost offensively odorous, while a roasted one is something altogether different: slightly charred and sweet, with wonderful little crispy leaves that provide textural delight.


    Nazareth native Derek Wallen—along with co-owners Chris and Shelli Topping—have transformed a formerly cramped space on West 4th Street into a deceptively spacious and beautifully appointed breakfast and lunch eatery, just as the Maillard reaction transforms food into deep and rich caramelized goodness.


    That’s Roasted, where you can find not only meats and veggies, but creative takes on egg scrambles, breakfast sandwiches, sweet and savory pancakes, tacos, panini, salads, and much more.


    Derek met Chris selling him Apple Computers for his recording studio Little Creek Recording at Double Click. Shelli was working at the space’s former occupant, Blue Sky Café.


    “We love SouthSide,” Derek says. “We love the fact that there’s so much growth, especially food-wise. That’s how I always grew up, supporting local businesses.”


    In harmony with that ethos, much of the Roasted menu is sourced locally too, with support from small businesses like Yellow Sky Farm in Northampton and Homestead Coffee Roasters in Upper Black Eddy.


    Roasted’s diverse menu offers an omnivorous selection, with items ranging from scrapple—a sometimes-hard-to-find Pennsylvania Dutch favorite— to vegan and vegetarian dishes, such as vegan chili and a gluten-free vegan black bean burger. So if your mouth is watering, stop by and sidle up to the butcher’s block bar beneath the skylight, or take a seat in the airy, high-ceilinged dining area with the rustic exposed brick—and don’t forget to try their Brussels sprouts!