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    Experiencing Rouge Beauty

    One thing we are not short of in downtown Bethlehem is hair salons. Especially right on Broad Street. There are so many options for amazing talented hair dressers. It can be really hard to choose where you should go for your beauty needs. In the time I have lived in Bethlehem, I have been guilty of salon jumping. Not staying loyal to one chair or one location. There are so many different personalities and levels of creativity. I am a very fortunate woman who rarely needs to get her haircut, never dyed, I don’t wear much make-up, and I don’t have a lot of facial hair. I am not bragging, I am just pointing out why it is just so easy for me to explore what is out there.


    I decided in this feature blog to highlight a salon I came across by reading the last Holiday 2017 issue of Fig Bethlehem. Of course, that is where I go to discover what is new in the downtown scene.


    I have been told by many friends that I have to meet Hughann, owner of Rouge Beauty. I was told our loud boisterous personalities are very similar. I was excited to meet her!

    The salon front, located on Broad Street next to Back Door Bake Shop, is super fun with a black and white stripe awning. Very inviting and easy to find. I told Hughann I would stop by and made sure she would be there. There were a couple of her clients getting services by her and enjoying espresso martinis she made for them. She immediately offered me one as well. She also offered me dinner. Dinner! Yes, she had made rigatoni and insisted there was more than enough. I already felt like I had stepped into a home. I think that is one of the best feelings—feeling calm and invited. I quickly saw why we have been suggested to meet each other. Hughann was engaging, charming, and funny!


    I made myself comfortable and started my probing to find out more. Rouge Beauty has been on Broad Street for three years now. Hughann herself has been doing Bridal Styling for 20 years. The salon caters to bridal parties in “up-dos” and makeup. Her specialty is in Texture Curl Cutting. I did not get to meet Brittany or Jordan, but both have experience in hair, up-dos, keratin treatments, and blow-outs. Jordan is who you go to see for all your makeup needs.


    Hughann’s energy is contagious! Her clients laughed and engaged in the uplifting atmosphere. Each client left with a haircut that was modern and sophisticated. Everyone was having a great time.


    I was delighted to meet Hughann and learn about her salon and the services she provides. She is a jovial gal with a heart of gold. The salon was upbeat and stylish. If you are looking to be a cut above (pun intended), make your next appointment at Rouge Beauty.