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    Fresh Face: 36E Fitness

    After years of wearing many hats for big gyms like L.A. Fitness and Gold’s, Evan Robinson was ready to strike out on his own. “I decided to chase the dream,” he says, “and try to do better than the criticism I heard from members at the big box gyms.” Thus 36E Fitness was born.


    The gym contains a state-of-the-art, upscale fitness studio meant to be used by one client and one trainer at a time. “You can’t get privacy in a big box gym,” Evan says, where a member once told him: “I’m so tired of getting caught in everyone else’s selfies!” Evan decided that, when he opened his own place, he’d make it personal. “When they come here for an hour with me,” he says, “it’s their hour and no one else’s.” Just you, the trainer, and your favorite music playing—no headphones needed.


    In addition to individual fitness and nutrition plans, 36E recently expanded next door and started boxing and kickboxing sessions for small groups. These sessions feature a progress-tracking and team-building technology called “Impact Wraps.” At the end of a workout, it presents your workout stats on a digital display. You can even challenge and compete against friends.


    A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Evan is also a firm believer in positive, win-win thinking. Evan doesn’t just promote himself, he promotes all of the local businesses. He always wanted to open on Main Street to add to the strong small business environment, and he found the perfect fit in the commons building under Brew Works.


    Discover customized programs to meet your goals—without the long challenging contracts of typical gyms. “I’m here to offer the people the best fitness, strength, and conditioning services at a really reasonable rate,” Evan says, “and I believe that, as a people, if we all work together it benefits everybody.”