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    Fresh Face: barreform

    “We are building a class-based fitness community that is personalized, diverse, and unique,” says Nora Hendrycks, co-owner of barreform.


    Barreform’s classes are suited for all ages and varying fitness levels, from competitive athletes to those just wanting to get back into shape.


    Whether it’s barre, TRX, yoga or the evolutionary Megaformer, everything focuses on effective and efficient movement, targeting stabilizing muscles and core strength, without creating bulk or putting stress on the joints.


    Exclusive to barreform are the patented Megaformer and the Lagree Fitness Method, which combine to create an efficient, full-body sculpting, and fat- burning workout. It is intense and low-impact, designed to test and improve your cardio, strength, endurance, core, balance, and flexibility. Better still, there is no plateau with Lagree Fitness.


    “The best part of teaching is seeing a first time and an experienced student in the same class, and they’re each working at their maximum. It’s pretty cool,” says Nora.


    Class size is limited, so you don’t get lost in a crowd. And every class is different, with the passion and personality of each instructor shining through. Between
    the challenge of the workout, the transformational results, and the welcoming atmosphere, you will be planning your next visit before you hear 3 – 2 – done!