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    Skater Fashion and Why I Love Homebase

    Growing up as a 90’s child, I was totally part of the skater scene. Skateboarding appealed to me mostly because of the baggy pants and cool brands. Brands like Vans, Stussy, Volcum and Spit Fire were popular for skating.


    My parents did not understand why a petite girl like me invested in oversized grungy clothing. They hated that I blasted Green Day and Korn through the speakers! I used my birthday and babysitting money to get new threads at the local skate shops. I grew up in Abington, PA so jumping on the train to go to South Street was easy. That’s where I would find the best girl versions of my skater clothes. Having clothes that you couldn’t find at places like Pacific Sunwear (now PacSun) was always my goal–to be unique!


    I look at the trends now. Our skater boys are wearing much tighter clothing. Still rocking the same brands for the most part. That has not changed. Skateboarding has evolved but still remains a strong trend.

    We are so lucky that here in Bethlehem, we have Andy Po. Andy is the owner of Homebase skate shop right here in town. He has invested time in teaching kids how to skateboard and continues to help keep skater trends at the forefront of style and culture. If we did not have a Homebase, we would not have events at our skate park—and we may not even have such a thriving park to go to!


    Although I do not skateboard, I will always appreciate this fashion. All of the labels hold value in my heart. I still love to rock my favorite skate brands or my Homebase t-shirt. I hope that all of the alternative sports continue to grow and influence others to participate in the exciting culture.


    Skate brands for life!